Helping you do better business online

My name’s Duncan and I’ve been involved with the internet since the heady days of 1995, when Netscape, IRC and bulletin boards were all cutting edge. That’s almost 25 years of working within online. OK, so a lot has moved on since then, but there is still plenty of opportunity to optimise and improve your digital footprint.

I became frustrated at the constant gaps which were present when I worked in small businesses. Agencies were expensive to use, it seemed difficult to identify the resources and help which was needed, and it was always difficult to know who was best to turn to when help was needed. Everyone seemed to want to hold their hands out however the actual hands-on delivery was far less tangible. So I started Online Star because I wanted to provide a solution to those problems.

I’ve built a number of websites and managed large online advertising budgets and campaigns. I also ensure GDPR compliance for online businesses and have overseen brand and product launches in the UK and globally. I regularly consult to UK and US private equity firms and investment houses, including some of the Big 4 consultancy companies.

My services to businesses are mainly focussed on the digital and online, and include:

Writing content for online (or offline) use

Creating brand ownership online

Social media management

Amazon selling, Amazon listings creation and management including reviews management and Storefront builds


Website tips and tricks

GDPR, Data Protection policies and Mailchimp

Agency recommendations and sourcing