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All businesses are a brand, and there are many ways to position and represent your brand online. Freelance support to launch, optimise or market your brand is more affordable and versatile than using a traditional marketing or digital agency and provides far more visibility.

Improve your brand and products online

Online Star Digital Marketing works with small businesses and brands to do better, online. Amazon sales improvements, website optimisation, enhanced content, brand showcasing on search engines and improvement in digital representation.


high quality content

New content, optimisation and improvements for Amazon listings, stores, websites and online channels. Digital Marketing thrives off great content and Online Star Digital creates this in English, German, French and more, with a keen eye for detail.

"Clearly demonstrated capability from an insight and commercial point of view, and was immediately effective in challenging us as a business...I would highly recommend."
Brett Hilliard
Tuxedo Money Solutions


Experience in eCommerce

Bringing the value of over 20 years of experience with all things digital, internet and online. Project and channel management and online sales and marketing across Europe for multi-national corporations and smaller businesses alike.

Amazon Seller Central

Using experience for troubleshooting; to health check and improve product setup, account manage, resolve product issues and ensuring compliance with Amazon requirements in all EU6 markets and the US and Australia, including new market launches.

Reviews and brand management

Online reviews remain critical on all digital platforms. Working with small and medium-sized businesses to manage and improve these across Amazon, Google and Facebook.

Amazon brand showcasing

Creating Amazon storefronts, Amazon's A+ Enhanced Brand Content and ensuring keyword accuracy and compliance with Amazon standards.

Website builds and optimisation

Content managed website building, website optimisation, troubleshooting, diagnosis and UX recommendations. Experience with WordPress, Shopify, Magento, Squarespace and more.

Amazon Launches and Optimising

Using best practice to launch new products, optimise existing ones, improve keywords and also launch into other markets effectively and efficiently. There are frequently gaps in data and issues which need resolving to adhere to Amazon requirements.

Copywriting and Proofreading

Content creation for Amazon, social media, blogs and more. Detailed proofreading of online and offline content and documentation.

Multilingual capability

Language services, translations and copywriting in English, French and German with other languages also available. Content for websites, blogs, product listings and articles.

Social media and content plans

Marketing strategy, cross-platform and search, social media content planning and creation taking seasonality and consumer trend into account.

Amazon product listings

New market launches, product and competitor research, listing new products, optimising existing ones to match Amazon's A9 and A10 search algorithms, ensuring best practice is applied.

Make your business an online star

If you'd like to be doing things better online, find out how.

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